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Arrowleaf is an independent civil engineering company located in Driggs, Idaho.  Licensed in Idaho and Wyoming, Arrowleaf serves Teton Valley, Jackson Hole, and the surrounding region.

Arrowleaf designs high-quality infrastructure that is reliable and resilient and integrated into a healthy ecosystem.  

Sarah Johnston started Arrowleaf Engineering in 2014.  Sarah's engineering career officially began in the University of Wyoming's College of Engineeering program in 2003, though her true education started much earlier with her natural curiosity and observation.  

Sarah graduated summa cum laude in 2007 and then worked with two different consulting firms prior to starting Arrowleaf.

The name Arrowleaf is inspired by the arrowleaf balsamroot plant which is native to the Rocky Mountain region.  Arrowleaf balsamroot is a perennial yellow wildflower with a distinct arrow-shaped leaf and an unusually large and robust root system.  The roots are often 4 inches in diameter and 8 feet deep; this strong underground support system provides exceptional drought tolerance, fire resilience, and erosion control. 

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